Current Audition Notices

Around the World in 80 Days

by Jules Verne. Adapted by Laura Eason.

Directed by Claire Stretton

Contact:  07788 428285 –
Assistant Director Joe Seeney – 07761 533727

Performance dates:

30 July – 3 August 2024 (including a matinee on 3 August)

There will be a Play Reading in the Maddermarket Bar
on Wednesday 3rd April from 7.30pm – All welcome

Audition dates(in the Emmerson Studio):

First Auditions: Individual – including a movement workshop.

Friday 5th April, 7pm-10pm
Saturday 6th April, 3pm-7pm

Call backs: Groups

Saturday 13th April, 3pm-7pm
Sunday 14th April, 3pm-7pm


If you are interested in auditioning, please try to come to the play reading on Wednesday 3rd April. If you
cannot make this evening, please get in contact and we will try to arrange another
reading prior to Wednesday 3rd or arrange for you to have a loan of the script.

Cast requirements

The play will be performed by 8 ‘Actors’, four of them playing multiple roles.
Auditions will follow this grouping of characters, although eventual casting may include additional actors with a revised doubling schedule.

1 Phileas Fogg – Male: about forty years of age, tall, handsome, calm and
unresponsive to what might normally excite interest or emotion. Seen in various
phases of his daily life as perfectly well balanced and exactly regimented as a

2 Passepartout – Male but gender-neutral casting, the character will be presenting
as a man: a true Parisian and a former circus performer. Playful and honest with an
adventurous nature he is trying to squash.

3 Inspector Fix – Male but gender-neutral casting, the character will be presenting as
a man: an overeager inspector from Scotland Yard who mistakes Fogg for a bank
robber he is after.
Also plays Club Man a member of The Reform Club

4 Mrs Aouda – Female, Asian: a well-educated, self-possessed, beautiful young
Indian widow who joins Fogg and Passepartout on their journey after they rescue
her from near-death.
Also plays Beggar Woman, a London Street Beggar.

5 Mr Naidu – Male, Asian: an Indian Businessman.
also plays Ensemble #1: James, Mr Ralph, Rangoon Purser, Opium Denizen, Circus
Performer, General Grant Passenger, Train Bandit, Mr Mudge, Henrietta Crewman,
Liverpool Policeman.

6 Colonel Stamp Proctor – a well-dressed American Man
Gender-neutral casting also plays Ensemble #2: Mr Stuart, SS Mongolia Purser
(Italian), Angry Malibar Man, Passer by, Aouda Guard, Judge Obadaiah, Hong Kong
Consul, Canatic Purser, Circus Performer, General Grant Purser, Engineer.

7 Captain Blossom Von Darius – Female Captain of The Tankadare
Female also plays Ensemble #3: Flower-seller, Suez Consul, SS Mongolia Passenger,
Angry Malabar Man, Miss Singh, Clerk, Opium Denizen, Circus Performer, General
Grant Passenger, American Train Porter, Sailor/Henrietta Crewman.

8 Captain Speedy – Male Captain of The Henrietta
Gender-neutral casting also plays Ensemble #4: Window Cleaner, Mr Flanagan, SS
Mongolia Passenger, Angry Malabar Man, Bombay Consul, Peninsula Conductor,
Aouda Guard, Calcutta Policeman, Opium Denizen, Circus Performer, General
Grant Passenger, American Train Bandit.

Ensemble #1, #2 & #4 will also audition for William Batulcar.

After hearing (or reading) the script, you will then need to complete the Standard
Audition Form below and email it to:

Please only audition for a maximum of two ‘Actors’ but do let me know if you would
be happy to be considered for any others. Do get in touch if you have any queries or

Audition pieces:

Once I have your form with your Audition availability, I will share a link to all the
relevant audition pieces for the roles you would like to audition for and agree your
First Audition Slot day and time, although you will also need to be there for the
movement workshop.

We are clearly portraying characters from around the world, however, all accents
should be performed with authenticity, we would like to achieve a flavour of the
people and places but are overtly avoiding any perception of caricature.
The comedy is in the text and action not the accents!
Please see “” to assist you.


Rehearsals will take place at the Maddermarket, mainly in the Studio, on weekday
evenings (19.30-22.30), variously on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, but
usually only three in any week until mid-July depending on characters required. There
will be some at the weekends (14.30-17.30) but these will only be held when there is no
room availability at the theatre during that week. A full schedule will be available post

FULL CAST AVAILABILITY You will need to be available for rehearsals, get-in and
technical/dress rehearsals from Sunday 21st July weekday evenings and weekend
afternoon or evenings and, of course, for the entire run, 30 July – 3 August 2024 from
6pm (including from 1.30pm for the matinee on 3 August) and the following Sunday
morning to assist with the get-out!



Box Office 01603 620917
Please leave a message and we will do our best to get back to you promptly