Keep our doors open!

The Maddermarket Theatre Trust Ltd. is a registered charity. We are committed to supporting community engagement through affordable performing arts, entertainment and events. The Maddermarket Theatre receives no regular public funding and therefore we rely on the support of our audiences and friends, through the tickets you buy and the donations you make.

Due in part to the pandemic and rising costs, we are facing increasingly difficult times and we need your help more than ever to ensure our survival. We need a significant level of support as we try to rebuild our infrastructure and also make vital repairs to our old and increasingly tired building. We are currently fundraising for two distinct causes:

      1. Running costs to keep our community venue open
        We have to raise a minimum of £140,000 per year just to keep our doors open. This does not take into account the funding required for building repairs and renovations (which are becoming increasingly urgent) or rising costs of all our essentials.
      2. Maddermarket Workshop Renovation
        The Maddermarket Theatre has a new and exciting partnership with the men’s health and wellbeing charity, MensCraft. Both Norfolk charities are coming together to share a home in Norwich City Centre with the aim of bringing communities together through engagement with the Arts. We are embarking on a project to renovate an under-used building called the Workshop. The Workshop, which is connected to the main theatre, is in a poor state of repair, so this is an exciting opportunity to create a new, vibrant, accessible, warm and welcoming community space in the historic heart of Norwich. MensCraft will use the renovated Workshop to support more men and their families and provide creative, collaborative opportunities with the Maddermarket Theatre.
        This project has been boosted by a £95,000 grant from Norfolk County Council’s Norfolk Social Infrastructure Fund, however we must still raise the final 20% of funding for the project and we need your help to make it a reality!

Maddermarket Theatre Trust Ltd is a registered charity no. 234993

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