Share your Soliloquy

Ever watched a play where a character is just talking to themselves? Well, that’s what is called a ‘soliloquy’. Taken from Latin, the word literally means ‘talking by oneself’. Shakespeare was very keen on using soliloquies as a tool for communicating to the audience his character’s deepest and darkest inner thoughts.

What we are asking you to do is share with us your favourite soliloquy. Whether it is one of Shakespeare’s or something more contemporary, we would love to see you read it or perform it.

All you need to do is film yourself sharing your favourite soliloquy and when you’re happy, send us your soliloquy video and we will upload it down below. We hope to have a wonderful collection of soliloquies to be watched and enjoyed.

You can send us your video using WeTransfer or uploading it to Youtube and sharing the link with us. The email address you need is

In you video remember to introduce yourself and your soliloquy, tell us …

    1. Who you are
    2. What play your soliloquy is from and who wrote the play
    3. What character is speaking 
    4. Why its your favourite soliloquy

We can’t wait to watch your videos. Check out the submissions below for some soliloquy inspiration:


Name: Richard Ellis

Chosen Soliloquy: : Hamlet’s soliloquy in Act 3 from Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Another bilingual soliloquy from Richard, enjoy first in German and then in English.


Name: Sarah Jenkins

Chosen Soliloquy: : Iago’s first soliloquy from Othello by William Shakespeare

Reason for Choice: “This is one of my favourite soliloquy’s as it offers us the first direct insight into a really manipulative, deceitful and cunning character in the play, and it shows us the moment when Iago concocts his evil plans and gets to work!”


Name: Andrea Kirkby

Chosen Soliloquy: Sonnet 55 by William Shakespeare


Name: Julie Hewitt

Chosen Soliloquy: Sonnet 27 by William Shakespeare

Reason for Choice: “I chose sonnet 27 as it seems very relevant in these worrying times when so many of us have been separated from the one/s we love.”


Name: David White

Chosen Soliloquy: Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

Name: Sabrina Poole

Chosen Soliloquy: Kind Richard II, Act 3, Scene 2 by William Shakespeare

Reason for Choice: “It’s one of my favourites because it’s a real turning point for the character … he finds out that everything he once thought was his and couldn’t be taken from him, is about to be taken.”


Name: Richard Ellis

Chosen Soliloquy: Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

Reason for Choice: “The sonnet speaks of the universality and permanence of love, which we could all do with a bit of at this present time. Because I was for many years an actor based in Koblenz, in Germany, and Koblenz happens to be twinned with Norwich, I have recorded the sonnet in German as well. I though it might be of interest. I love the idea of keeping creativity doing in this way whilst the theatre is closed.”


Name: Dawn Brindle

Chosen Soliloquy: The Three Witches’ Chant from Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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