Phone a Memory

Like everyone who’s loves theatre, here at the Maddermarket we’ve really been missing the buzz of a show. Yet, a bit of time out gives us all a chance to reflect on why we love it so much and which nights in the theatre have particularly fuelled our passion. So in these times of being stuck at home, perhaps without enough conversation or company to keep you connected, we’ve been thinking that it might be nice to have a chat.

Phone a Memory is our invitation to you to share your memories of the Maddermarket Theatre.

It’s simple. Every weekday, there will be the opportunity to speak with Jez Pike, our Artistic Director, on the phone for up to thirty minutes. Whether it’s about your first time at the Maddermarket, your favourite ever production, a time on stage you’ll never forget or fond memories of friendships formed volunteering, he’s looking forward to hearing from you.

With your permission, the conversation will be recorded. That way, your voice will be heard as part of the Maddemarket’s collective experience of this unprecedented time in our history. The recordings will form part of the latest instalment in our wonderful archive and may even help develop a creative response to COVID-19 once the building re-opens.

To Phone a Memory, all your need to do is email Jez Pike at to book a slot.

There will be a couple available each day, so you shouldn’t have to wait long. You’ll be offered a time and asked whether you’d be happy for the conversation to be recorded. If you’d rather not, that’s absolutely fine. Then, it’s just a case of settling down with a cuppa (or something stronger) and waiting for the scheduled call.

So, start dusting off those memories and take the time to share your Maddermarket with us.

To enable us to keep bringing you content such as this, please consider donating to our theatre at this difficult time. Thank you.


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