27th January 2021

Politically Incorrect-The Songs of Tom Lehrer

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This performance will take place in the Maddermarket Bar.

Politically Incorrect is a 90 minute show of the best-loved songs of the master satirist Tom Lehrer. Written over 60 years ago Lehrer’s songs and his irreverent attitude have survived the passage of time, though his satire is now perhaps darker and more politically incorrect than most of today’s wits would risk. Join pianist, vocalist and all round entertainer Peter Gill in a wonderful performance, reliving the golden days of cutting satire to hear such gems as Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, I Got it from Agnes, The Masochism Tango, The Irish Ballad, I Hold Your Hand in Mine, Pollution, Smut, When You Are Old and Grey and Oedipus Rex.


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January 2021

Wednesday 27th January


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