We welcome volunteers back! Posted on 7th July 2020 in Maddermarket Blog

The sound of laughter once again reverberates around the Maddermarket. Our wonderful staff team returned to work at the start of this month, full of cheer and energy.

In the spirit of theatre, we have found solutions to working within social distancing restrictions and are tackling safety with a smile. The call of “incoming!” can be heard as someone enters the office, possibly swiftly followed by a “vehicle reversing” if there are too many people inside. The evasive manoeuvre known as ‘the doorway dance’ is quickly revealing which of us ‘have the moves’ and which of us decidedly don’t. Still, with sanitizer stations strategically placed throughout the site, our hands have never smelled so fragrant.

For all the whirr of activity, something was missing. We don’t mean performances. We mean something perhaps even more important… our volunteers! Thankfully, the recent authorisation for community centres and social clubs to re-open has meant that our staff weren’t alone for too long. This week has seen us welcome back some of our volunteers and next week will see our first social events since lockdown, too.

For now, volunteering and attendance of socials are via prior arrangement only so all health and safety precautions can be communicated effectively and the number of people in our building at any one time is controlled. If you would like to help out this month or attend one of our socials then please email Emily on emily.youngs@maddermarket.org for more information, we would love to have you!


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