UEA Drama Society Previews

Wed 07 Mar - Sat 10 Mar

UEA Drama Society presents their 'Fringe Preview' show! 

Beginning a new association with The Maddermarket Theatre, the drama society premiers a double-bill of world premieres on their way to the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals.  Come and get a sneak-preview of the exciting and experimental theatre emerging from one of the country's most renowned student drama societies. 

Odds and Ends by Freya Bennett

Bee and Will are both young people with a lot to offer; they’re idealistic, ambitious and ready take on the world all guns blazing. Only problem is, civilisation as they know it has collapsed and their world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Oops.

One year on, Bee and Will cross paths with one another, stranded and directionless in a desolate landscape they never asked for and with no grown-ups to be found. Bee is a fiction-obsessed twelve year old, naïve but wise in her own way; Will is a hapless 21 year old, sardonic and hateful of the world he’s been left with. Odds and Ends is a topical and humorous but bittersweet two-hander that examines the malaise of the youth, how we respond to unforeseen change and how we use stories to explore and come to terms with life’s many twists and turns.

A Family Affair by Tess Carruthers

In this short play, we follow Richard, Rose and Tallulah – three siblings who have grown up and flown the nest, but have to return to their family home when their father becomes embroiled in a high-profile political scandal. Given the task of writing a statement to present to the baying media mob that awaits them outside, they are forced to confront issues of an uncomfortable nature.

Richard wants to talk things out, he wants his to sit down with his sisters and open up about what he believes has the potential to become a traumatic crisis in their family. Rose on the other hand, seems primarily concerned with how her father’s inappropriate actions are going to damage her career as a Television presenter, one that puts her in the public eye. She doesn’t have time for a heart to heart, she just wants to get on with writing the press release.

Tallulah, the youngest, simply refuses to take anything seriously and arrives assuming she can rely on her older siblings to deal with the issue on their own. In this case however, it turns out they are just as lost as she is. A Family Affair is a dark comedy that ultimately explores the unique bonds of family.

Please note this performance contains an interval.