The Transports - A Tale of Exile and Migration

Wed 24 January

7.30pm Wed

The Transports

A Tale of Exile and Migration

The Show
The Transports tells the incredible tale of a family destroyed by poverty and crime, but resurrected by exile to the new colony in Australia. With
fresh script and musical arrangement, this famous show re-emerges within a modern context of mass migration. The stellar line-up for this exciting
new production includes The Young’uns, Faustus, Nancy Kerr, Rachael McShane, Greg Russell and Matthew Crampton.

In 1977 Peter Bellamy released The Transports on record with The Watersons, Martin Carthy, Nic Jones, AL Lloyd, June Tabor, Cyril Tawney,
Dave Swarbrick and others. Several times since, further generations of folk musicians have gathered to re-create the piece.

This new production features musical arrangements by Paul Sartin of Bellowhead and Faustus. Two-time BBC Folk Award winners The Young’uns bring their trademark live dynamism. Further musical excellence comes
from Nancy Kerr, Bellowhead’s Rachael McShane, Faustus’ Benji Kirkpatrick and Saul Rose, and Greg Russell.

Storyteller Matthew Crampton has created fresh narration for the show, amplifying its central tale into a broader exploration of exile and migration.  Mass migration is a defining dilemma of today. There’s seldom been a more vital moment to bring back The Transports – not just a great music experience, but a sharp reminder of folk music’s power in portraying the way the world actually works.

After a sell-out tour across the UK in 2017, The Transports is delighted to be touring once more in 2018.

Press Reviews
★★★★★ “Stunning....truly a transport of delight” Alfred Hickling,
The Guardian
★★★★ “an ensemble success....ten voices uniting in magnificently lusty, rousing chorus” Rob Adams, The Herald

“Truly stunning ensemble singing and individual instrumental virtuosity”
Chris Kenny, Songlines

“Superb...the best piece of work I have seen in a very long time”
John Tams

“The Transports is truly magnificent”
Ian Croft, RnR Magazine

Nigel Schofield, Living Tradition

“Thought provoking, beautifully performed, hopeful, educational, inspirational - a triumph”
Natalya Catton Wilson, EDS Magazine

“One of the best stage performances in a very long time”
Alex Gallagher, Folk Radio UK

“Moving and compelling”
Keith Savage, Arts Beat