Fundraiser for Africa

Here We Are – By Dorothy Parker

Tue 11 Apr - Sat 15 Apr

2.30pm Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat
11.30am Saturday

Here We Are – By Dorothy Parker

Produced by Dream Maker Productions in association with Janet Hewett.

“Just married” and oh so conscious of the enormity of this step they have undertaken, the young couple in this dramatisation of a Dorothy Parker short story are full of anticipation and nerves. We feel for them as they squabble and make up and we wonder how their differences will affect the lifetime ahead of them.

“Here We Are” will both charm, amuse and may well bring back some memories!

‘Here We Are’ a lunch time play based on a Dorothy Parker short story opens at the Maddermarket as a fundraiser to support theatre project going to Uganda! Lucinda Bray takes on the challenge of putting on a wonderful short play AND doing a 12 hour endurance cycle to fundraise her project of taking a play to the National Theatre of Uganda as well as doing outreach work in schools.  

Come along and see ‘Here We Are’ a sweet, funny, heart-warming play about two newlyweds on the way to their honey moon. A dramatization of Dorothy Parker’s short story by the same name ‘Here We Are’ has never been performed before, so this is a theatre first! It is a delight and the perfect way to spend your afternoon, plus your ticket comes with a free cuppa! Not only is the play a good watch it is also directly supporting a project to take theatre to schools in Uganda.

Lucinda Bray and Benjermain Egasa Osipo are collaborating produce a piece of theatre and take it to the National Theatre of Uganda. They are also working with Limited Resource Teacher Training to skill teachers to work with drama in the classroom. The play they have chosen to take over is the equivalent to a GCSE set text so will provide an opportunity for students to see the work performed. Lucinda and Benjermain will deliver drama workshops for the students and also for the teachers, providing training to deliver drama in schools.

The project in Uganda will cost an estimated £3000, all of which Lucinda is looking to fundraise. Alongside the performances of ‘Here We Are’ Lucinda will be doing a mammoth endurance disco cycle for 12 hours on a static bike at the Maddermarket! So be sure to sponsor her on her crowd funding site!

Lucinda has been working hard to deliver both ‘Here We Are’ and keep the larger project on track. Speaking about her experience she said – “I am really enjoying the extremity of the project, keeping all the different parts moving, collaborating with all these different organisations and working with some wonderful people!”

Lucinda will be doing her cycle on the 15th April as part of the Maddermarket Open Day – ‘Here We Are’ will also be showing on the day. So be sure to get a ticket for ‘Here We Are’ and sponsor Lucinda for her cycle through her online crowd funder!