Volunteer Training

Gear up for a year of rewarding volunteering with our program of training sessions. Aimed at those entirely new to the theatre and those who just can't stay away, these sessions are the perfect opportunity to refresh your skills, develop new ones and socialise whilst doing it. They cover almost every area of the building: front of house, box office, backstage and the rehearsal room.


Led by Chad Porter, Front of House Supervisor

To register interest for any Front of House Training please contact Chad on chad.porter@maddermarket.org

What to do if the worst happens! Fire Drills and Evacuation Procedures

An essential and hands-on session for all current stewards and also ideal for anyone wanting to begin stewarding. By the end of the session you'll feel confident with your responsibilities and will have had a chance to take on a variety of roles within mock scenarios. 

Dates/Times: Come to a session on either Sunday 13th Jan (11am-1.30pm) or Wednesday 16th Jan (6pm-8.30pm)

Stewarding for beginners 

Whether you're already volunteering at the theatre in another capacity or are completely new to the building, this is the perfect chance to learn the basics of stewarding our performance events. Without this role the theatre simply wouldn't function, so it's absolutely key and a great way to see a show for free!

Dates/Times: Sunday 20th Jan (11am-1pm).

House Management Training

Aimed at both existing House Managers and those with stewarding experience who might be interested in assuming greater responsibility. A thorough run-through of the role and a chance to liaise closely with the Front of House Supervisor.

Dates/Times: Wednesday 23rd Jan (6pm-7.30pm).

Bar & Coffee Training

Aimed at new volunteers or existing stewards who would like to learn the skills and develop the confidence to help serve at the bar and the coffee counter. Learn a valuable life skill by mastering the pouring of the perfect pint!

Dates/Times: Wednesday 23rd Jan (8pm-9.30pm)


Led by Alice Wright, the theatre's General Manager. 

To register interest contact Alice, on alice.wright@maddermarket.org

Box Office for Beginners: The Maddermarket receives next to no funding. That means it's our ticket sales that keep this theatre going. So if you'd like to be at the forefront of our operations and see your volunteering time translate into essential hard cash before your very eyes, then this is the role for you. It's perfect if daytime volunteering is your preference, if you like chatting to the public and enhoy having the independence of being able to master a solo role. In return you're part of the busy day-to-day operations of the theatre's office and you'll know every detail about the best shows before anyone else will. Box office is also an exclusively seated role that comes with a rather comfy chair!

Come along to a session on either Wednesday 23rd (6.30pm-9pm) or Wednesday 30th (1.30pm-4pm)


Led by Lucinda Bray, the theatre's Production Manager and Jez Pike, the theatre's Director of Productions.

To register interest for any Backstage/Production training please contact Lucinda on lucinda.bray@maddermarket.org

Key Collaborations: These sessions offer the opportunity for existing directors, stage managers, lighting designers and sound designers to get in a room, step back and have the chance to share experiences. It will enable you to examine how your collaborative relationships work during productions and how they could work even better.The aim is to promote cross-understanding of different roles in the belief if everyone has an enhanced sense of each other's skills and the challenges regularly faced, expectations become clearer, collaboration is made easier, creativity is unleashed and enjoyment flows! The sessions will include debating case-study scenarios, group exercises and open discussion.

Those who have volunteered or are volunteering this year across the director, stage management, lighting designer and sound designer roles are welcome to attend both sessions. The emphasis of each however will be on:

Directing & Stage Management: Friday 18th Jan, 7pm-9pm

Directing & Technical Design: Monday 21st Jan, 7pm-9pm

Working safely & working effectively: A essential session for anyone who is volunteering or might like to volunteer in any of the backstage and production areas of the theatre. This session will cover health & safety, manual handling, safe ladder usage as well as giving everyone all the information they need to find that brush, put that key back and understand why for every occasion there's a particular kind of tape.

Dates/Times: Come along to a session on either the 13th January (6.30-9pm) or Wednesday 23rd (6.30-9pm).  

Stage Management for Beginners: Get the knowledge you need to thrive as part of our ace team of stage management volunteers. They are the people who stop it all turning out like a tremendously artful mess! It's a varied role that offers the chance to work closely with directors and actors, learn how to operate theatre technology and be part of a team and/or be the one that runs the whole show in performance. This session is aimed at anyone who'd like to have a go, whether you're new to the whole idea of stage managing a theatre production or are just new to how it's done at the Maddermarket. 

Dates/Times: Sunday 17th February, 12-3pm.


Sound Desk Training: In February/March we'll be offering specific training on the potential, correct usage and occasional mysteries of our rather impressive sound desk. So if you're a 'soundy' or a regular backstage volunteer for whom the sound desk and all it's secrets occasionally causes a head-scratch or two, register interest in advance for this session by emailing lucinda.bray@maddermarket.org Get in early and as soon as a date is arranged you'll be first on the list.