Relatively Speaking

Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn

Please read carefully all the details, in particular rehearsal dates. Please do not audition if you have significant clashes with the rehearsal or performance period. If you are unsure whether availability will be an issue please check first by emailing

Director: Jo Edye Production Dates: 16th-24th February (including matinees on Saturdays)

Rehearsal Dates: 1 or 2 workshop style rehearsals in December, dates to be arranged but probably Sunday afternoons, and then weekday evenings and Sundays from Monday January 8th, all to be arranged when cast.

Audition Dates:
Workshop style audition at 2pm Sunday October 22nd , 7.00 pm Tuesday October 24th and 7.00pm Thursday October 26th. If you are not able to make these dates but want to be seen please email

How to sign-up: This can be done either via email or by coming into the theatre office.

Coming in to the theatre: Sign-up on the sheet specifying which part you would like to be considered for. Choose an audition date, you will then be contacted with confirmation.

By email: Email specifying all of the following information:
Name, phone number and email address. Indicate which part you would like to audition for and preferred audition date.

Format of auditions: A fun and physical workshop, using games and various drama exercises followed by individual and group readings using text from the play supplied on the day.

About the Play

Ayckbourn’s first big success, on the surface it’s a comedy of mistaken identity and generational misunderstanding, but it’s got a dark heart and we will be playing it dead straight.

Ginny and Greg are a young couple just getting together. Sheila and Philip are an older couple, Philip is Ginny’s secret, and soon to be ex, lover. It’s all a terrible mess and Greg and Sheila have no idea what’s going on.

About the Production

Originally set at the end of the sixties, I’m updating it to the mid eighties. We will be using lots of iconic pop hits from the period, and there will be a choreographed set change during the first act that will be highly entertaining and involve a dedicated crew.

I really like to work with actors, and creativity and ideas in the rehearsal room are always welcome. I like to work hard but also have a lot of fun. Characters are always fully explored, I like everyone to really know who they are, and why they are doing what they are doing.

I strongly believe that Ayckbourn’s comedy only really works if it is played absolutely straight, I hate overacting and playing for laughs.

Cast Breakdown (Cast of 4 – 2 M and 2 F, a crew of at least 5 for the set change)

Ginny: Ginny is in her Mid 20’s, attractive and outgoing, she is in the early years of building a successful career, maybe a solicitor, accountant or architect, something like that. Articulate and organised, very self possessed. Also highly sexed – Philip has been her lover for at least a couple of years. The play implies that there may be other lovers as well.

Greg: Younger than Ginny, possibly still in his teens, very good looking and personable. A little unsure of himself in some situations, but obviously someone with something about him. Ginny is his first serious girlfriend.

Philip: late 40’s early 50’s. An old hippy who’s made a success of himself, maybe in wholefoods or some kind of alternative business, green energy or the like. He has a comfortable life and is besotted with Ginny.

Sheila: 40’s. Philips long suffering wife, she has seen him through several affairs and is resigned to his behaviour. He is a good provider at least and they know each other very well. She has her own secrets too.

Set Change Crew: The only set change comes about 25 minutes into the play, obviously too early for an interval, so I intend to make it a feature. I’m looking for a dedicated crew to do this job, male and female equally welcome. You’ll need to be comfortable on stage, physically fit and ideally a decent dancer.

If you’d like to have a chat or have any questions please email me or give me a call on 07867 882304
Jo Edye