A 24hr play event over the 2nd/3rd June in association with the UEA MA Creative Writing course. The closing event to MADDERFIRST, a festival of new work presented by The Norwich Players.

Actors required for a fun-filled, adrenaline-fuelled experience

What is it? 9 writers create 9 miniature world premieres overnight. 9 directors armed with a pool of eager actors and plenty of caffeinated beverages rehearse for a day. In the evening everyone gets back together and presents the plays to a paying audience at the Maddermarket Theatre.

When is it? Begins with a gathering of all the writers, directors and actors on the afternoon on the 2nd June Directors and actors get an early night then rehearse through the day of the 3rd June, performing that evening.


Saturday 2nd June: 3.45pm-5.30pm - Participants meet and greet and workshop                   

Sunday 3rd June: 9.30am-9.45pm. Rehearsing starts at 10am. Day includes breaks. Performance starts at 8pm.

Who are the writers? The writers are predominantly current students on the UEA MA Creative Writing course, whilst a few are current BA students.

Who can act in it? Anyone. The only age restriction is that you must have finished compulsory full-time education. You don’t need to have acted at the Maddermarket before and you don’t need vast appearance. You do need be prepared to work with new people flexibly and generously, have good stamina, an even better sense of humour and an ability to thrive in front of an audience.

Will I have to learn lines? Yes. The plays will be a maximum of 10 minutes long each, so they’re aren’t going to be a huge amount of lines, but the ability to learn quickly (and if necessary improvise around them on the night!) is important.

What do you have to prepare? Absolutely nothing. Simply turn up with a flexible attitude and a willingness to embark on something slightly bonkers.

Do I need to audition? No. Simply state your desire to take part by the deadline below. There is a limited amount of places available, so actors will be invited on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to a balance cross-section of actors being created.

Do you get to choose the play and or part? No. After the introductory workshop, you’ll be put into a cast and assigned a writer. They’ll then write for you! The following morning directors will be allocated their script/cast.

What will the plays be about? Anything and everything. The plays will be inspired by the actors they’re written for, the space they’ll be performed in, the pressure they’re created under and the strange flights of the imagination that occur in the early hours of the morning.

HOW TO TAKE PART: Simply email your expression of interest to the Director of Productions, Jez Pike at