Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle & Dick


Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle & Dick by Terry Johnson 

Please read carefully all the details, in particular rehearsal dates. If you are unsure whether unavailability will be an issue please check first by emailing

Director: John Mangan   Performances: Fri 22 June – Sat 30th June (matinees on 23rd & 30th June)

Rehearsal Dates: From Mon 14th May. 4-5 nights a week, Monday to Friday. Cast will be given schedule indicating rehearsals they are called for & I’ll try not to call you too often - in the beginning - for scenes that require you simply to be present on stage.

Audition Dates: 

1st round:

Option A: Sun 11th Feb (2.30pm to 5pm) - Studio

Option B: Mon 12th Feb (6pm to 9.30pm) - Bar

2nd round

Option A: Sun 18th Feb (10am to 1pm) - Bar

Option B: Mon 19th Feb (6.30pm to 9.30pm) - Studio

Please note all auditionees must in principle be able a attend a recall date.

If you are absolutely not able to make an audition date but want to be seen please still email

How to sign-up: This can be done either via email or by coming into the theatre office.

Coming in to the theatre: Sign-up on the sheet specifying which part you would like to be considered for. Choose your preferred first round audition date, and then you will be contacted with an allotted time slot. Extracts to prepare for each part can be collected from the office. A reading copy of the play will also be available.

By email: Contact specifying all of the following information:

‘Name’ ‘Phone number’ ‘Email address’ ‘Which part you would like to audition for’ and ‘Preferred first round audition date’. Please also specify whether you would like to be emailed a scanned copy of the relevant extract and/or the script. If you don’t specify these requests in your emailed it will be assumed you are collecting hard copies from the office. 

About the Play

The play is set in and around Sid James’ caravan during the making of four CARRY ON films.  These are the eponymous Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle & Dick


It’s advised you acquaint yourselves with these three classic Carry On films but Emmanuelle is so awful you can take my word for that unless you’re a completist.  Sid had departed this world by the time the franchise plunged to Emmanuelle.

The Carry On films were cheap and cheerful, made on the frayed end of a shoestring and usually in appalling conditions.  The green field of Camping, for example, was mud sprayed green & it was filmed in biting cold. Even the lead actors were badly paid and did not share in residuals, leading to much grumbling and fighting for perks such as Sid’s caravan. It was, however, regular work.

About the Production

The Carry On films had no truck with subtext & subtlety. Symbolism made no appearance except in an orchestra but this is a Terry Johnson play that, like DEAD FUNNY or HITCHCOCK BLONDE, takes famous people and uses their images & flaws to reveal the truth beneath.

Terry Johnson uses the unconscious sexism of the time to make that painfully apparent to modern eyes and adapts many of the tropes of the Carry On films to illustrate the people behind the Donald McGill caricatures they played.

The set is a caravan open on one side. It is rotated to show its exterior in a dilapidated state for the final scene.

The rest of the set is the immediate area around the caravan in the various locations of the four Carry On films. These are a corner of Pinewood Studios, a field near Ruislip, a pub car park and Pinewood Studios again.  I told you there was no glamour.

Cast Breakdown (Cast of 6: 3m/3f)

SID JAMES 51 to 61:

Famous gravelly-voiced character actor, womaniser & gambling addict who conducted an affair with

BARBARA WINDSOR 27 to 41: National treasure famous for saucy wiggle & giggle (at that time)

KENNETH WILLIAMS 38 to 52: Acidic, self-educated & highly conflicted comic actor with fluting voice

IMOGEN HASSALL 22 to 30: Ultimately ill-fated glamour starlet but who is still young and vibrant in this play. She represents all the brunette glamour girls who appeared in the Carry On films (such as Valerie Leon) to contrast with Barbara.

SALLY 20s: Sid's dresser with a secret and an agenda.

EDDIE 30 to 44: Large gent sent by Ronnie Knight (Barbara Windsor's bad boy husband) to bodyguard Babs.  Might have been played by Bernard Bresslaw in a Carry On film but more likely any tough character actor with a gentle streak such as Peter Gilmore or Tom Clegg.

NB: These are playing ages only. In the films they can look younger and the lead actors barely seem to age over the entire series so for first three characters ability to impersonate & embody is more important. We can do a lot with wigs, make-up & costume but voices & physicality are well-known and well-remembered.

I will be making a private page available on FACEBOOK with photos & other resources

If you don’t think you’re right for a part yourself, but know of an actor who may be suitable,  please do let me know how to get in contact with them or put them onto me via my email address.