Child Friendly Privacy Notice

This is a child-friendly Privacy Notice for Mad Red Theatre School participants.

Mad Red Privacy Notice

This is where you can find out about how we use your data (information) when you sign up to be part of a Mad Red Theatre School programme.

Mad Red Theatre School is a department of the Maddermarket Theatre Trust Ltd. Whenever you sign up to Mad Red the Maddermarket Theatre Trust Ltd is the organisation who controls your information.

General Data Protection Regulation is a law that protects your personal information and it allows us to process (use) your data in these ways:

Consent: you have told us you’d like to hear from us

Contractual obligation: you have signed up to use our service and we need to tell you about it

Legal compliance: under the law we can use your personal data when it needs us to, e.g. if you have an accident at the theatre we need to keep a record of this under Health and Safety law.

Mad Red Theatre School Classes

  • When you sign up to any of our Mad Red Classes you or your parent or guardian will fill out a form. We will collect your name, age, your parent or guardian’s name, their email address and telephone number, as well the name and contact details of who we should contact in the event of an emergency.
  • We ask for any relevant medical or behavioural information that we may need to know that will affect you when you participate in one of our classes so that we can keep you safe and tailor the experience to suit your needs. And we also collect the name of your school (if you are aged 12+) to allow us to fill out a performance licence application on your behalf.
  • Once you have filled out the form we will store it in a secure location which is kept in a locked cabinet in a locked office until it is entered into the database on our computer. At this point the hard copy form (the piece of paper) will be shredded. The computer database has limited access on a secure and encrypted drive so that only the people who need to view it can view it. They will also need to login with their username and password.
  • We will use the information we collect to contact you about the classes you have signed up for. We’ll also use it to create a register for each class so we can check people in as they arrive, and to keep emergency contact details close by for when they are needed.
  • If you have said we can (given your consent) we’ll also tell you about other events or classes we think might interest you.
  • We’ll also use your form to fill out a performance licence application on your behalf to the Norfolk County Council to allow you to take part in our performances in the Youth Theatre Performance Group. When we send this information to them we will password protect it and encrypt it so that no one other than the people who need to will see it.
  • Once you stop attending Mad Red and let us know you won’t be back we will only keep the information we are legally required to (e.g. finance records) and everything else will be destroyed or anonymised. If you stop attending Mad Red but don’t let us know, we’ll keep your information for 1 year after which it will be destroyed or anonymised, unless we need to keep anything for our financial records.

Mad Red Individual Tuition

  • If you book a ‘one to one’ class we’ll ask for your name, telephone number and email address so we can contact you to arrange an appointment. Your data will be entered into our Education database and stored securely on our Education drive which has restricted access to Mad Red staff and who need to login using a username and password to get to the information.
  • We will only contact you about your appointments with us unless you opt in to receive information about other Mad Red events that might be of interest.
  • Once you’ve finished your appointments and don’t want to return, we’ll destroy your information. The only thing we’ll keep is finance records of transactions and details we might need to keep under the rule of law.
  • If you stop coming to classes but don’t let us know, we’ll keep your information for 1 year at which point your data will be anonymised or destroyed, unless we need to keep it for our finance records.
  • Your rights

At any time you are allowed to:

Ask to see what information we have about you
Ask for us to update your information if it is wrong (e.g. if your email address changes)
Ask us to stop using your data for marketing purposes (e.g. to tell you about other Mad Red classes)
Ask us to change your consent options (e.g. unsubscribe from our email newsletters if you have previously signed up to receive them.
Ask us to erase all the data we have on you unless we need to keep it under the law.

You can contact us to exercise these rights at any time as follows:

To ask for your information please send an email to, call the admin office on 01603 626560 or visit us in person at: Maddermarket Theatre, St John’s Alley, Norwich, NR2 1DR.

If we choose not to action your request we will explain to you the reasons for our refusal.
If you need more information

If you have a question about our privacy notice you can request more information by sending an email to, call the admin office on 01603 626560 or visit us in person at: Maddermarket Theatre, St John’s Alley, Norwich, NR2 1DR.